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Economics for Empowerment

A unique approach to teaching and learning Economics. To empower students, we take the dismal out of the "dismal science" and make Economics personal and relevant for all students.

Standards-Based | Student-Centered | Inquiry-Focused I Activity-Oriented

Our Philosophy – We believe that:

  • Economics is the means; student success in achieving their goals is the end.

  • Everything we teach can and should be related to our students.

  • It is difficult to play the game and impossible to win if you don’t know the rules. When students learn how the U.S. and international economies work, they can prepare themselves for success in those economies.

  • When students learn to analyze economic policies, they can evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of those policies and the benefits and costs for themselves and others.

Our Approach

A pedagogy that emphasizes experiential, interactive instruction with Economics content designed for students to build their human capital (skills, knowledge, experiences), so they can achieve their goals.

The Curriculum

Our weeklong residential summer seminar is broken into four modules:  Economic Reasoning, Markets, the American Economy and the Global Economy.

Each of the modules (Standards-based content units)  is viewed through the lens of Economics, the science of making decisions about the use of scarce resources to achieve goals.

The following materials will be used during the workshop and provided to participants at zero monetary costs:

  • The Nine Principles of Economics

  • The 14 Greatest Hits (Fourteen experiential activities to engage students in the learning process)

  • The Inquiry Arc and Civil Discourse: Evaluating Economic Policy

  • The C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards

  • Summary Articles of important Economic Concepts

  • Decision-making Apron

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What is Economics?

The practice of making decisions concerning the use of resources to achieve goals.



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Economic reasoning is a set of skills that must be practiced to be mastered.

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