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Economics for Empowerment Summer Seminar

Seminar Graduates can apply for certification as a California Exceptional Economics Teacher

Discover engaging ways to energize your classroom, connect with other California educators, and empower your students to use economic reasoning to achieve their goals.

Summer Seminar

$500 program fee* includes:

  • 6-day professional development  (Santa Clara University)

  • Engaging activities, lesson plans, and materials

  • Housing for the week

  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks 

  • Sunday Dinner, Monday evening social, Thursday dinner celebration

  • 3 units master's level credit available

  • 2 salary points available for LA Unified teachers

  • Six days of fellowship and fun with dedicated colleagues

​*Fee may be covered by school or district

Empower Your Students Through Engaging Lessons and Activities

Browse some of the lessons, activities, and ready-to-use presentations that you'll be prepared to bring back to your economics classroom after attending the summer seminar.


The Lake

Electrifying activity that helps students learn and employ marginal analysis.

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 10.07.57 PM.png

Human Capital Budget Activity

Students track the use of their human capital and apply budgeting techniques to align their human capital decisions with their goals.

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 1.36.38 PM.png

Moving Markets

Lessons and simulation that illustrate changes in supply and demand to help students cement their intuitive understanding of price determination and price changes.


Dr. Macro

A unique and engaging macroeconomic project that demonstrates the workings of the macroeconomy.


The Economics of Financial Decision-Making

A presentation that makes the connection between Economics and Personal Finance.

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 6.23.34 PM.png

Benefit-Cost Analysis

Made Easy

Use the pockets of the decision-making apron to teach Benefit Cost analysis which students can apply throughout the course. Put it on the apron!

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 5.33.43 PM.png
California Exceptional Economics Teacher Certification Program

Do you have more questions about the Economics for Empowerment Seminar or the Exceptional Economics Teacher Certification Program?

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