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We are a non-profit organization of high school Economics teachers who work with other Economics teachers. Our mission is to help teachers bring Economic reasoning skills to their students in a manner that is comprehensible, insightful, and relevant in order to empower students to achieve their goals.

Economics for Empowerment

Economics inspires students to develop their skills, knowledge, experience, and personal qualities to achieve their goals. Our vision is for every California student to be empowered with the skill of economic reasoning skills to make informed decisions concerning their roles as citizens, workers/entrepreneurs, parents, spouses, consumers, savers, and investors.


Explore our programs and events to bring Economics for Empowerment to your students.


Economics for Empowerment Summer Seminar

Discover new active and engaging ways to energize your classroom, connect with other Economics educators, and empower your students to use economic reasoning to achieve their goals. 

California Exceptional Economics Teacher Certification

Join an elite team of high school Economics teachers. Complete our Economics for Empowerment one-week residential workshop, teach the high school Economics course, and fulfill other requirements to be certified by CASET and the California Council on Economic Education (CCEE) as California Exceptional Economics Teachers.

Join us for our annual CASET Conference to learn more engaging ways to make Economics relevant to students, celebrate the work of highly effective teachers, and connect with other Econ educators to share ideas on making the classroom come alive. No registration fee.

CASET Conference

Classroom-ready resources

Explore our ready-to-use resources to engage your students and invigorate your classroom. These materials, lessons, and activities have been classroom proven by nationally recognized Economics teachers.

Stay tuned for updates!

We've helped Economics teachers empower their students through dynamic, hands-on Economics instruction in the classroom

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